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Printing is the longest lasting, most effective way of promoting your products and services. We offer quality print marketing from card to catalog.



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Every day, your business needs to be seen, recognized and remembered. We offer consultation and marketing ideas to discuss current marketing goals.


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We offer 'ready-to-go' systems, FREE costs / rate comparisons, excellent knowledge and experience.
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Providing a cost-effective alternative to handle Payroll, Benefits to the employees, Human Resources, and a discounted Workers Comp program.

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Business EtcLLC is a collective strength of qualified and experienced business people offering products and services that can assist your business grow, develop and operate efficiently.
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How Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) works for you.

Direct Mail has taken a new turn. "Bulk Mail' has a new approach to reaching residential consumers in specific areas you wish to reach your message. (PDF)


What is "BRANDING"?

You see it every day, a product or service you believe in. Here are simple things to understand about 'branding' your company. (more)

How to Avoid the 5 LOGO Design Mistakes

Logos are not just for larger companies but for every business. It associates your business to a level of credibility. People instantly recgonize what a logo represents and the desire to buy. (more)

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